Empowering regional entrepreneurship and converting IEDCs to innovation hubs

About the programme

Regional Entrepreneurship Advancement Program is an opportunity for the IEDCs to dive into the locality to identify and nurture the entrepreneurship ecosystem in and around their institution. Being the innovation hub of the region, IEDCs can play a pivotal role in empowering the local community by creating a conducive ecosystem to nurture entrepreneurs in the local community. LEAP is envisaged to provide a broader canvas to individual IEDCs to design their respective programs and projects.

IEDCs can engage with community organisations, Local Self Governments, research institutes, local entrepreneurs, budding entrepreneurs, alumni industries/startups for the design and implementation of the program. This will also be an opportunity to try a hand at social entrepreneurship through which students and budding entrepreneurs can give back to society and the sky's the limit for this program. In a country like India where opportunities are in every nook and corner, IEDCs may go ahead and explore the unseen and unfound to bring out the best.

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